3 Quick Tips for Winter Skin and Hair Survival!

By Rebecca West

With the winter months fully upon us, we are exposed to all kinds of elements that can be less than friendly to our skin. Extreme cold, harsh winds and full sun can leave us wondering why our faces sometimes feel and look less than their best. Read on to discover how you can survive the cold months and emerge with your best face forward when Spring finally appears:

1. Don't forget the SPF.
Applying facial sunscreen can seem counter-intuitive during the winter, but the truth is, we are just as exposed and vulnerable during the cold months as we are in the Summer! UV rays can still penetrate through side and rear car windows, so don't forget that SPF before your morning commute! Consider SPF application on your hands for protection and anti-aging benefits, as well. Besides our faces, they are the most exposed part of our body and are often forgotten!

2. Protect your tresses.
Wind and drying cold temperatures can be one of our hair's worst enemies. Think tangles, a dehydrated scalp, and the not so friendly effects of hot showers on our beloved locks. Consider investing in a cute hat that easily matches your coat and outfits. Continue regularly trimming your ends and tie back long hair in a bun or braid before facing the wind. Opt for a lukewarm shower rather than a scalding hot one to protect your hair (and skin!) from drying out.

3.Invest in a humidifier.
With many inexpensive options on the market, a humidifier is a simple and effective way to add moisture to the air in your bedroom. Dry air can rob the skin of precious moisture, resulting in dryness, dullness and flaking. A humidifier can help prevent all of these damaging effects and help you maintain a glowing and vibrant look.

Best wishes to all the readers who are anxiously awaiting the return of warm air, sunshine and blue skies!


About the Author

Rebecca West, Mrs. Lehigh County, PA 2019, is an Early Childhood Educator, Iron-man Triathlete, Group Exercise Instructor and mother of three from Allentown, Pennsylvania. She has completed triathlons on four continents and was a member of Team USA triathlon 2018 alongside her husband and high school sweetheart, Brandon. She has been awarded All World Athlete Iron-man status 3 years in a row and currently holds Silver status for her international top 5% age group finish times. Rebecca is passionate about serving her hometown community through inner city school mentoring programs, such as Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Lehigh Valley. As a young girl, Rebecca received a community mentor who changed the path of her life in many positive ways. She firmly believes that children are a most valuable asset to our communities and is constantly searching for ways to support local families. She is currently training to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with her husband in 2020.