The Truth About Permanent Make-up

Permanent makeup is a smart solution for busy individuals. However, is it safe?

The word Microblading is the new buzz word, but I beg to differ. This process involves cutting the skin open and infusing pigment. It looks beautiful the first time it is done but the problem arises in touch-ups. Since the skin is scarred now , you can’t cut open the skin several times to infuse pigment, it’s not healthy.

Instead, I recommend a technique called “eyebrow shading.” It is much gentler on the skin and can be done year after year without scarring the skin.

Always go to a licensed professional for your services. Someone who knows what they are doing to avoid skin issues, since it’s a semi-permanent procedure. Let’s keep our skin healthy and beautiful, always.

By Dr. Afsheen Ather

Owner of Nova Derm Institute

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Is permanent make-up safe?

Is permanent make-up safe?