An Officer and Gentlewoman, LLC Receives Global Hospitality Award

Washington, D.C. An Officer and Gentlewoman, LLC (AOAGWLLC) has been awarded the Global Hospitality Award from LuxLife magazine. The category in which they won in, “Community Leaders in Theatrical Beauty Pageant Productions,” was awarded to the company for their work on the Miss DC for America and Mrs. DC America pageant.

“Miss DC for America and Mrs. DC America has demonstrated excellence and commitment to the hospitality industry,” states Steven Simpson of Lux Life Magazine.

AOAGWLLC is a Veteran-Owned production company, headquartered in Washington, DC.  The company is headed by Raquel Riley Thomas, a former U.S. Army Officer turned Entreprenuer. She along with 10 diverse and talented people from across the country, put on the annual event. The most recent being held April 14, 2019 at the prestigious Kennedy Center

“ I am honored for our company, AOAGWLLC, to receive this award. With the help of Artcye Dozier, Randi Dorsey, Cynthia Evans Hickson, Marta Bota, Lyss Millan, Lorenda Nelson, Renee Allen, Rick Bernstein, Maria Thomas and Sophia Thomas, we are leading the way in theatrical pageant productions.  We are changing how women are recognized for their accomplishments,” states Riley Thomas.

The Miss DC for America and Mrs. DC America publicly recognizes women, living within a 25-mile radius of Washington, DC, who have obtained personal, professional, and community achievements. As official preliminary pageants to Miss for America and Mrs. America, respectively, the pageants welcome women from all ethnic backgrounds to compete in a yearly pageant for the titles. 

“The adage: “Excellence is no Accident” indelibly applies to the overall success achieved by Raquel Riley Thomas as a renowned Director in the Mrs. America system.  Her continuing expressions of creative ingenuity, raw talent and unrelenting pursuit of professional integrity, while producing quality product, has reached legendary proportions. We congratulate Raquel and her team upon receiving your esteemed recognition,” states David Marmel, the President and CEO of the Mrs. America, Inc.

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